• Deb Knox


Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Welcome! I’m going to use this tab for short essays relating to my work, and maybe your work. I’ve had the pleasure of working with more than two dozen architecture, engineering construction and urban planning firms in Pittsburgh.

My best solutions work for small businesses that want create a cohesive message in Western PA, geared to small firms. I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert, but I do have 25+ years of experience. I'm working on these topics:

· Opening New Doors - Business Engagement in Pittsburgh, small business style

· How do you approach a new design client?

· When to get paid (when you are writing and designing for a new client)

· Finding free and low cost opportunities to find new clients

· How to work with architects - special factors

· How to work with construction professionals

· How to work with engineers - special factors.

· The value of MENTORING

· Educating Clients on Design Evolution

· I’ve had potential clients ask me to “just design a logo.” OK – how to get started. Have them find some that they like. Then start the discussion about how the design is a statement about them.

· Proposals 101

· Are Interns Right for You?

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